An artistic form of elegant and refined movement. Training at Promenade promotes good posture, poise and strength, while developing confidence and self esteem within each individual.

Teaching the R.A.D. Syllabus and open classes, opportunity exists for both the young enthusiastic dancer and the aspiring professional student. Classes available for girls and boys, Pre-Primary to Solo Seal, for exams or presentation work.

NEW TO 2014! Promenade now offers an “Pre-Teen Beginner Ballet” class and two adult ballet classes, “Introduction to Ballet” and “Level 1 Ballet”.

Pre-Teen Ballet: This class is for the once-a-week student, who would like to get a taste of ballet, without having learnt ballet before. A great introduction to the world of classical ballet, students will learn about posture, weight placement, technique and the artistry that is ballet. A beautiful experience!

Introduction To Ballet: This class is for those who have never done ballet or have only had a little ballet training many years ago. You will learn the basic ballet steps and start to build a foundation for the technique that underpins the beauty of ballet and gain strength, flexibility and improved co-ordination.

Level 1 Ballet: This class is recommended for those who have a few years experience under their tutus and would like to get ballet fit and reignite their love of dance. You will gain strength and improve your flexibility, fitness and co-ordination.


A fun and rhythmical form of dance encouraging both musicality and co-ordination. Using clarity in sound, energy and dynamic, Tap builds on a percussive style that can accentuate rhythms, or make music of its own.

Promenade teaches the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus.

Students may commence Tap classes from the age of 5 onwards (Prep age at school).


A modern and energetic style of dance for all ages that combines popular music with strong and dynamic movement. Jazz at Promenade builds on the already vast variety of styles by continuing to incorporate choreography that is innovative and entertaining. Jazz classes offer a unique and fun program that promotes both fitness and flexibility.

NEW FOR 2014! Promenade now offers an “All That Jazz” class. This classes is for the once-a-week student, who would like to get a taste of jazz classes, without necessarily having an extensive dance background. Great for fitness and fun, these classes consist of a good warm up and stretch, introduction to jazz technique, and a funky combination/dance sequence to today’s latest tunes!

Contemporary / Lyrical

Pushing classical boundaries, contemporary offers the dancer emotional freedom and expression through abstract movement. Utilising all dimensions, contemporary dance can explore the self and interpret the broader external elements of life.

Contemporary classes are available for ballet students from Grade Three Ballet onwards.

For our littler ones, we offer a Lyrical class (Grade One and Two Ballet level). This class is a beautiful introduction to the world of contemporary dance, and offers students a foundation of the basics in this style, before launching into contemporary dance in later years. Fluid movement, meaningful dance with expression and emotion freedom is what our little ones can expect.


Singing classes at Promenade focus on building confidence and teaching effective technique. As well as learning to sing, our classes are designed to encourage creative expression and we tailor classes to incorporate singing into performance opportunities such as musical theatre, revuette and song and dance routines.

Our vocal training studio and state of the art equipment (musical theatre headsets, handheld microphones and audio systems) allow all students the opportunity to develop good vocal technique and discover vocal potential.

Private, one-on-one singing coaching is available through the studio.


Acrobatics involves balance, agility and coordination. Students benefit greatly from the limbering and stretching skills that are developed, and the increased flexibility gained from acrobatics complements many other dance styles. All Acrobatics classes are practiced on acrobatic mats to ensure the safety of all students.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre combines acting, music, song and dance. The emotional content of the piece – humor, grief, love, anger – as well as the story itself, is communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.

Hip Hop

An urban, funk style of modern dance that is based on street style dancing. Incorporating a wide range of styles such as popping, locking and breaking, Hip Hop is a very popular form of dance today, and is widely seen in today’s latest music videos and performances.

NEW TO 2014! We’ve got a special hip hop class for the boys only – no girls allowed! Lots of energy, fun and cool tunes, the boys are guaranteed to have a blast!


Private Dance Tuition

Private dance and singing tuition is available in all facets of dance at Promenade. Private lessons can be arranged for eisteddfod routine choreography/preparation, exams or for extra tuition to extend ones curriculum.